SQL Report Builder 3.0 -在浏览器视图报告PDFSQL Report Builder 3.0 - view Report in browser as PDF

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Is it possible with Report Builder 3.0 to set the file name as a parameter value, so for example if I had an Invoice with the ID of 1234, I know this is possible if I could view the report in a browser as PDF. the only way ive managed so far is with the below URL that asks to download it rather than it being downloadable. if that was possible then I could use


and help/advice would be great, not even sure if this is possible myself but I can imagine this would be very useful.

here is the code I use to download the Report of a server if this is helpful at all or I can do anything further with this:

var InvoiceNum = screen.Invoice.InvoiceID;
window.open("http://RemoteServer/ReportServer_Invoicing/Pages/ReportViewer.aspx?%2fInvoice&rs:Command=Render&InvoiceID=" + InvoiceNum + "&rs:Format=PDF");

this part of the code opens the report as a PDF


so if I can add something onto the end of this or if there is something else I could do to name the Invoice in here that would also be helpful.

cheers for any advice